CO2 PAID mark

If you see the CO2 PAID mark in the product label or service description, you can be sure that the company cares about the climate and sustainable future.

The CO2 PAID mark is granted only to products or services that have compensated their CO2 emissions. Read more and apply for the CO2 PAID label now!

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What is the purpose of the CO2 PAID mark?

The mark is unique and identifiable. It will make it easy for consumers to recognize the products or services which are climate friendly and that are CO2 neutral. The products or services with the mark are produced by the companies that care for our environment and for the clean climate.

What are the requirements to get CO2 PAID mark?

Basically any product or service can receive the CO2 PAID mark. The requirement is that the company has considered the CO2 emissions in the design & manufacturing of the product or service, it's materials; the whole product lifecycle. These CO2 emissions will be calculated and defined in co-operation with us. After the estimation the CO2 reduction fee is defined to neutralize its emissions.

Who can have the CO2 PAID mark?

CO2 PAID mark, stamp, or badge, are intended to be used by all types and all sizes of the companies. The CO2 emissions can be reduced and paid for any product or service. To get the mark, you need to follow the requirements and carry out the reduction fee defined for your product - a fee that is used to neutralize CO2 emissions.

How can I have the CO2 PAID mark on my product or service?

Check the requirements below and fill in the application form below to get process started. We will review the application and contact you to determine the CO2 emissions for your product or service.

Apply for the CO2 PAID mark

Here are the steps how you will get the CO2 PAID mark for your products.

  • Check the criteria

    Check CO2 PAID mark requirements below

  • Fill in the form

    Fill in the application form and send it to us for review

  • Estimate CO2 emissions with us

    Esimate your product’s CO2 emissions together with us. We will contact you after approved application.

  • Sign the contract. Use the mark

    After you have signed the contract, you can start to use the CO2 PAID mark in your product label

  • Compensate the emissions

    On regular basis, you will inform us your production volumes and we’ll do the CO2 emission reduction and neutralization for your product.

Requirements for CO2 PAID mark:
  • CO2 PAID mark should be shown clearly in the product label or in other service delivery documentation
  • CO2 emissions have been carefully and accurately estimated for the product or service. This should take into account product design and manufacturing emissions, materials, and any other product or service life-cycle related emissions
  • CO2 emissions should be fully or substantially (over >80%) compensated according to the CO2 emission estimation* for the product or service
  • CO2 emission reduction fees are paid on regular basis as agreed with the client. This will allow us to do the CO2 neutralization actions

(*) The CO2 emission estimation is done in basis of available studies and most accurate CO2 emission data that matches to the product or service, throughout it's whole lifecycle. The estimation is done in co-operation with CO2COST or their approved partner.

Application form

Who is behind the CO2 PAID mark?

CO2 PAID mark is a service of CO2COST OÜ, the global climate and environment company. The company operates in environment, climate and forest industry by offering businesses and individuals a possibility to improve climate, nature and global environment. We offer product packages and services to purchase neutralization of CO2 emissions e.g by planting a tree or owning a sustainable well-taken care forest. The company operates in EU region and registered in Tallinn, Estonia.

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